Our team


  • Le Quang Minh Being managing partner, attorney-at-law, licensed IP agent for than 20 years is not something he is proud of but clients’ trust, loyalty, and happiness is. Angry sometimes for failing to slow down the rotation of the earth.

  • Vu Hai Yen Doctor of law on intellectual property. Associate Professor Hanoi Law School. Optimistic and supportive. Researches permits her to have a broader and more comprehensive picture of a legal issue.


  • pham trung kien Graduated from Hanoi Law School. He is now getting a law master degree. He is no more a potential but a real legal practicaner. Humble but he has all qualities to become a great lawyer. He would not say much about himself but just take a look at what he is working on and you will know.

  • pham phuong quynh Graduated from Hanoi Law University. Attending Lawyer Training Program at Vietnam Judicial Academy. Phuong Quynh's expertise includes trademark and patent matters. Great abilities in appraising, problem-solving, and most significantly, flexibility...

  • Le Vu Minh Duc Graduated from Hanoi Law School. Mother.Master Decree on Intellectual Property Law - American University Washington College of Law. . Peaceful, hardworking, and thorough. Working on patent application filing, trademark search, industrial design filing.

  • nguyen ngoc anh Graduated from Hanoi Law University majoring in Economic Law. She got an endless interest together with a strong foundation in IP Law. Besides, she is dedicated, detail-oriented and always continue cultivating specialized skills.

junior associates

  • ta thi kieu trinh Graduated from Hanoi Law School. Kieu Trinh works on trademark filing, searching in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Known for enthusiasm, consistency and growth mindset at work. Friendly and sociable..

  • nguyen thi ha BA degree at Hanoi Law School, Ha is no more a potential but a real legal practitioner. She is good at trademark application filing, trademark searching, watching services. She enjoys reading, working,

  • tran lan anh Graduated from Hanoi Law University majoring in International Trade and Business Law. Lan Anh has been familiar with IP since she was at university. Cherishing colleagues and surrounding people.

accounting &administrative

  • Nguyen bich ngoc Graduated from Hanoi Academy of Finance with excellent grade. Clever, thorough, and creative with excellent analytical skills. Everyone enjoys communicating with her.

  • Vu Phuong Thao Graduated from Hanoi Law School. Takes cares for everyone. Compassionate, and supportive. There is her part In everyone’s success. Thanks are not enough.


  • tu dang linh linh Linh Linh is currently studying Economic Law at Ha Noi Law University. She is active. She likes works related to human beings. She is also serious and sensitive, she can quickly catch up psychology of other people.

  • mai vu thuy linh

    Thuy Linh she has embarked enthusiastically on scientific competitions and moot court models with great achievements. Sshe also has taken part in many extra curriculums to accumulate the necessary soft skills.

  • Luu Hai Ha

    Hai Ha is an intellectual property assistant in Minervas. She graduated from Hanoi Law University, majoring in Law. Working on trademark application filing, trademark searching, watching services. She is motivated,