Mrs. Vu Hai Yen, Doctor of law on intellectual property. Associate Professor Hanoi Law School.

1995: Lecturer at HLU
• Topic: Provisions of Vietnam Civil Code regarding the protection of trademarks

2008: PhD
• Topic: Geographical indication protection in Vietnam in the context of the international economic integration

2011: Senior lecturer
• Main subjects: Civil Law and Intellectual Property Law;
• Optional subjects: Managing IP; Consulting skill in IP law

• 12 candidates of master program;
• 2 candidates of Doctor of philosophy program

Scientific projects
• 11 scientific projects

• 8 reference books and text books

Journal Articles
• 18 Journal Articles

Text books
• Co – author: Intellectual Property Law text book, 2011 (Hanoi Law University)
• Co – chief editor: Intellectual Property Law text book (HCM Open University)
• Chief editor: Liability for Compensation of State (Hanoi Law University)

References books
• Co – chief editor: Guidance for Application of The Civil Code
• Co – author: Liability for Compensation for Non-Contractual Damages – Provisions and Practical Application;
• Vietnam Legal System in the process of integration and stable development;
• Compensation for damage caused by property

18 journal articles published in:
• Jurisprudence Journal (HLU);
• State and Law review (Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences);
• Law and Development Journal (Vietnam Lawyers Association)

IP Law research
• Protection of copy rights and related rights, trademarks, geographical indications, inventions…
• IP enforcement
• Overlap in IP protection

Main works

• Overlap in the protection of copy rights and industrial property rights;
• Influences of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement on the protection of invention in Vietnam;
• The protection of Trademarks and Geographical Indications under provisions of The Trans – Pacific Partnership Agreement;
• Intellectual property protection among Vietnamese enterprises – situation and solutions;
• Provision on representation, time limits and prescription under the draft Civil Code amended

Future intensive research
• Focus on the improvement of IP law to meet the requirements in practice and comply with international treaties;
• The enforcement of IP law
• Focus on further complicated issues in IP:
o Overlap in IP protection;
o IP in the digital economy;
o Impact of e-commerce on IP.