Efficient recording of assignment of trademark

Q. What documents are required for recording an assignment?
A. Original registration certificate; an original or certified copy of assignment agreement; and a Power of Attorney from either of the parties.

Q. Are there formal requirements for an assignment agreement?
A. Yes, there must be full name and addresses of assignor and assignee, an assignment fee, particulars of assigned marks.

Q. Can assignment of a pending application be recorded?
A. Yes.

Q. Is notarization, legalization is required for assignment agreement and Power of Attorney?
A. No, a signature and name of the person authorized by the parties will be sufficient?

Q. Can a copy of the required documents sent by email, fax be accepted by IP Office?
A. No, original documents are required.

Q. Can an assignment agreement, Power of Attorney state only the name of the parties without their address?
A. No, IP Office will reject the documents.

Q. Can multiple assignments be recorded in a single step?
A. Yes, provided that the parties provide with all assignment agreements, Power of Attorney from the last assignor or assignee.

Q. How long does it take for Trademark Office to record a change?.
A. 3-4 months on average.

Q. When must the parties request IP Office to record assignment?
A. It will be up to the parties to decide. However it is preferred the parties request IP Office to record as soon as possible after signing.

Q. May one assign one mark and retain a similar one?
A. No. Assignment must be recorded agaist all assignor's similar marks.